Posted by: Sovicha | February 2, 2010

Mercedes gebrauchtwagen

deutsch_Mercedes_gebrauchtwagenNew cars or used cars from Mercedes: What worked in the establishment of the upper class?

Even in the early stages of the company’s Mercedes gebrauchtwagen took on the production in the higher price. Mercedes was in pre-war times to compete with luxury brands like Jaguar or Bugatti. At the mass motorisation in Germany in the postwar period, the company had little interest. Mercedes-established, however, as the leading brand for luxury class vehicles, and also dominated in many countries the market for taxis and commercial vehicles.

Legendary models of the postwar era, the Mercedes was 600, a large sedan, which was also known as “Adenauer Mercedes gebrauchtwagen”, or the elegant and sporty convertible Mercedes 300 SEL. Mercedes has always been considered a guarantor of high quality cars that were in demand because of their high durability, not only as new cars, but also as a used car lot. The 190s, which was introduced in late 1982, marked a new beginning in the strategy of the company. Henceforth, the offer has been extended downwards, not to everyone’s delight.


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